Star Trek 4 Contract Negotiations Fail

After a week of good news for Trekkies, hearing that Sir Patrick Stewart is returning to his role of Jean-Luc Picard in a brand new series based around the character, not so good news was bound to follow, to balance out the ying and yang of the universe. Both Chris Pine and Chris Hemsworth were in talks to reprise their roles … Read More

A Right Royal Offer

As we get ready for the celebration of the upcoming Royal Wedding, we want to share the love with a 15% discount if you use the offer code ROYALWEDDING on Not managed to work your way onto the guest list? Bring Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to you with our newest double cutout, available in both lifesize and mini. … Read More

The Growing Musk Empire

With every passing day Elon Musk and his hundreds of employees are inventing the future. If his work with Space X was the sum of all he could do he would still be an amazing figure; but that’s not even close to being the case. Not only is he pioneering the space race but with Tesla, Hyperloop and SolarCity, he … Read More

Ready Player One’s Marketing Campaign Upsets the Internet

Ready Player One, as I’ve said numerous times, is one of my favourite novels. It’s author, Ernest Cline, is a total nerd that I really look up to. I love both of his books, Ready Player One and Armada and cannot wait until he releases more. When it was announced that a film was on the way from Steven Spielberg, I was pretty … Read More

A Good Week To Be a Fan of SAO

As the title may suggest this post is about Sword Art Online and how good a week it has been for UK based fans of the series…like me! If you read my article about my favourite animes you’ll know SAO is way up there, and was actually the first one I ever watched. If you’re unfamiliar, the story follows Kirito, a … Read More

The Lucas and Ford Influence On Solo

With the trouble Solo: A Star Wars Story went through in production you can be forgiven for being concerned, even after how positive the trailer looked. Fret no more, or some more (dependent on your outlook), as it has recently been revealed that both George Lucas and Harrison Ford had a direct influence on the upcoming film. Both reveals come … Read More

First Trailer for Tom Hardy’s Venom

Trailer here: Spider-Man is my favourite superhero, not because I’m overly fond of spiders, because I empathise with Peter Parker, he’s someone I can relate to. Growing up I read Spider-Man, consumed the animated series on repeat…I knew the lore inside and out. Spider-Man was at its best when the stakes were high and that was never more the case … Read More

New Deadpool 2 Trailer

Trailer here: Coming WAY sooner than I had realised, the team behind Deadpool 2 have just dropped a brand new trailer introducing Cable, Deadpool’s new unofficial heterosexual life partner, the time travelling badass. Although not a lot of the plot is given away this trailer brings the humorous tone we have come to expect from Ryan Reynolds and crew … Read More

Secret Cinema Presents Blade Runner

Secret Cinema have announced their first film experience of 2018 and it’s going to be Blade Runner The Final Cut themed and I couldn’t be more excited. If you don’t know about Secret Cinema or do but aren’t quite sure what they are all about allow me to educate you into an awesome world of theatrical immersion. Secret Cinema specialise … Read More

Elon Musk Branded Flamethrower?

When I first heard about this I just assumed someone had messed up a pretty fun April Fools joke by posting it early. Boy was I wrong! Turns out my current man crush, the genius that is currently our only hope for a kickass future, is currently selling a flamethrower through his Boring Company. You know, the company that are … Read More

Carrie Fisher Wins At The Grammys

This is one of those stories that just makes your heart happy. At the Grammy awards on Sunday the 28th of January the late Carrie Fisher received a posthumous Grammy in the category of Best Spoken Word for her audiobook version of her book “The Princess Diarist.” The book was based on her journal entries, written while working on the … Read More

Blade Runner 2049 Review

Contains Spoilers for Blade Runner 2049 Set 30 years after the original Ridley Scott cult classic, Blade Runner 2049 picks up the action in LA with Detective K (Ryan Gosling), a Nexus 9 tasked with retiring older models who have run from their duties. Much a mirror image of the original, Detective K is a good substitute for Rick Deckard … Read More

We Think We Like Star Trek Discovery

Warning – Contains Spoilers for Stark Trek Discovery Episodes 1-3 I’ll always have a soft spot for Science Fiction no matter what form it takes. Star Trek has always been an intellectual pursuit, more so than say Star Wars (don’t get me wrong, I enjoy them both). It’s ability to have engaging social commentary is a hallmark of the franchise. My … Read More

Introducing Refer A Friend Discounts

Written by: Jimmy Bowers Here at Celebrity Cutouts we are always looking at what we can offer you, our awesome customers, to improve on our service and our products. Taking a step back and looking at how you use our site and how important to us as a business word of mouth is, it got us thinking. How can we … Read More

The Biggest Questions for Game of Thrones Season 8

WRITTEN BY JAMES BOWERS (Contains spoilers for the Game of Thrones Season 7 Finale) It’s over! It’s all over! Now that I’ve had chance to cry into a pillow and lament the fact that it may be TWO YEARS until we see more from Westeros, I’ve been mulling over the finale and what that could mean for the final season … Read More

The Pacing of GOT S7

I LOVE Game of Thrones, it’s one of my all time favourite things. So much so I’ve read all the books (the ones that are out so far), even the semi-illustrated prequel with Dunk. It’s a beautifully crafted and in-depth world and even though the onscreen representation has deviated here and there from the source material (I’m generally a stickler for … Read More

Cutout Me Kitty Competition (Win £300 Worth of Vouchers)

You might have seen our social media leaning towards an adorable little kitten recently. You may have wondered “well what’s this all about then?” Am I right? Well, I am happy to enlighten you. People go on holiday in August and September. It’s a fact of life. The school holidays are in full swing and we all jet off for … Read More

A Thwipping Good Reboot

Spiderman has always been my favourite super hero ever since I started collecting comic books as a kid. It’s ironic really as I can’t really stomach spiders although in a house full of wimps it does fall to me to relocate wayward travellers of the eight legged variety. I don’t know what it is about the hero as it’s definitely … Read More

The Many Victims of Ticket Touts

How do they sleep at night? It’s an honest question and the honest answer is probably on a pillow stuffed with money. Despite the evident loathing of ticket touts they have no shortage of customers, avid fans of this band or that who really do pay £400 and up to ensure they get to see their favourite artists. I don’t … Read More

Star Wars: The Last Jedi (Speculation)

It has been a very long time since I was able to tear myself away and write one of these articles so thank you for bearing with us over the busy winter months. I thought the latest Star Wars related reveal by Disney and director Rian Johnson enabled a perfect return for these weekly articles. We are here to talk … Read More