The Pacing of GOT S7

I LOVE Game of Thrones, it’s one of my all time favourite things. So much so I’ve read all the books (the ones that are out so far), even the semi-illustrated prequel with Dunk. It’s a beautifully crafted and in-depth world and even though the onscreen representation has deviated here and there from the source material (I’m generally a stickler for that sort of thing) I see them as two separate entities, equally as good as each other. Game of Thrones season 7, the most recent instalments of HBOs flagship title, is winding up for a big finale this time next week with a rumoured break of over a year before we see anymore from Westeros. I’m both giddy and sad for this time next week and looking back at this season both those feelings only grow.

This season has been a culmination of years of work and preparation. Numerous character roads have lead to this point and Characters who have never met are being thrown into a giant melting pot of awesome. Dany is in Westeros, her dragons are burning Westerosi, Jon is King in the North, the White Walkers are nearly at the wall, the Lannisters are backed into a corner…IT’S ALL GO! The pacing of this season has been great in my opinion. If I ever had to level any criticism at GOT (and I’d have to be forced to do that) it would be that in the past GOT has been a little slow. You’d get the odd episode of fluff, where you could tell something was building but maybe nothing was happening of note quite yet. It was great for suspense but now we are getting to the meat of the conflict with every other scene in season 7 jam packed full of content, intrigue and adventure. This is helped by the shorter eight episode season and my mind boggles how they are going to wrap the story up with just one more short season to go. Maybe the episodes next season will be meaty two hour affairs or maybe this whole time we’ve been misdirected, the Iron Throne will stay contested, it’s whether our heroes survive the Long Night which is the most important.

What are you expecting from the Season 7 finale? Will one of the Iron Throne contenders be killed off as a perfect end of season cliff hanger? If so, who would you most like to see take the hit? What did you think of episode 7 and the result of the mission beyond the wall? Leave your comments below and reach out to us on Twitter at @CelebrityCutout.