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Celebrity Cardboard Cutouts offer the perfect cardboard cutouts for themed parties, conferences, events or even your bedroom. Imagine a life size cardboard version of Justin Biebe, One Direction or Taylor Swift showing up at your party. It would make the perfect fun and surprise for your loved one, and not to mention the fantastic images you can share to your friends who could not be there.

We have the UK’s Largest range of Celebrity Cardboard cutouts and standups for you to order. Our vast catalogue includes Flim & TV starts including Benedict CumberbatchNicolas CageJohnny Depp.  Pop stars like Ariana GrandeEd SheeranSoap stars from the top soaps such as Helen Worth from Coronation Street and Adam Woodyatt from EastEnders. And many more. 

We also have a range of options for Personalised Cutouts of you or your friends, including mini desktop versions! These will be perfect for any occasion. Take some hilarious photos at your event and share them with us!

We offer two options, lifesize and mini. Lifesize, reflects the celebrities actual height and, folds down into its own box so you can take it with you wherever you go. Once opened there is a strut at the back that folds out to make the cutout rigid. Mini size stands 600mm (2 feet) high and also stands rigidly. Both are printed in amazing high definition, mounted on to cardboard and machine cutout to make them look real in both guises.

All our cutouts of famous celebrities are printed in the UK using nothing but the best materials and machinery. That’s why they look so REAL.

Browse this section and we’re sure you will find the perfect Celebrity Cardboard Cutout for adding abundant fun to your event!

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