Aimee Carrero Cardboard Cutout
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    Aimee Carrero Cardboard Cutout

    Ever wanted to be up close and personal to Aimee Carrero? Well, now you can! With our high quality (some may say realistic) lifesized or miniature cutout,meeting your role model has never been easier or more convenient. Made of heavy duty cardboard with a masterfully applied high-quality image, our standees are full of personality and sometimes more than the real thing. Supplied with an attached stand so all our stars are free standing and because human rights laws don’t apply to cardboard, we can box our celebrities up and ship them for free so you’re not forking out for a first-class airline ticket!
    • Made from heavy-duty corrugated cardboard
    • Attached stand on the back
    • Free-standing
    *Discount Applied at Checkout: Buy any two Mini Cutouts and automatically receive 50% off the second Mini when both items are in your basket.
    Same Day Dispatch on orders placed before 12:00 pm noon*
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