The Notebook of Freddie Mercury Goes to Auction


Reporting from The Guardian, it has been announced that a notebook used primarily by Freddie Mercury, is going to auction. ‘ Queen singer used pad to write lyrics for 19 songs, including Too Much Love Will Kill You and The Show Must Go On’. The notepad covers the years between 1988 and 1990 and allows an intimate window into the band’s life at the time and Freddie Mercury’s fight with the illness that would later claim his life. ‘The Show Must Go On’, written mostly by band mate Brian May, was about Freddie’s struggle and determination to still perform live despite the fact that he could barely stand when the song itself came out. He would die 6 weeks after it’s release.

UK auction house Bonhams has the pleasure of bringing this unique piece to the public and although they are used to selling memorabilia of a similar nature, never have they had something like this. Lyrics are generally sold on to fans and collectors as a single sheet for a single song but this provides the purchaser with the history of 19 songs and a glimpse into the lives of the artists involved.

The notebook will be auctioned off on June 29th with the expected price tag of between £50,000 and £70,000 but it could easily bring more. The piece is a testament to Queen and Freddie’s dedication to their art and how much they pulled together, especially on that last album for Freddie’s final days.

It is easily one of the most important pieces of modern British music history and worldwide music history. Are you a big fan of Queen or Freddie that would love to own this unique notebook? Give us your thoughts in the comments below.