Who is Your Favourite Celebrity – James Bowers Edition

For our second behind the scenes instalment where we look into who each of our favourite celebrities are, I thought I would lead by example. There will be a handful more of these little exposés of the Celebrity Cutouts team as I want to hopefully make this a semi-regular thing. So, let’s get started!

Q. So, James, who is your favourite celebrity?

A. I have two.

Q. What? You only get one.

A. I’m writing this thing and I can’t decide.

Q. And you’re talking to yourself too?

A. I guess I am.

Q. So are you going to give us a name?

A. I’ll give you two.

Q. Fine. Which celebrities are your favourite? 

A. Chris Hardwick and Maisie Williams

Q. Why is that?

A. Chris Hardwick is kind of a big inspiration of mine. He is one of the main reasons I pursued writing and social media. He started out as a TV host for MTV in the 90s. When that gig ended and after not doing a great deal for nearly a decade he got his act together and built his own company from scratch based around nerd culture (which I myself am entrenched in). He was a great example of just getting on, doing what you love and accepting yourself. That influenced me to do the same. I put together a website of my own relevant interests a couple years back which ultimately played a big part in getting me this job, so thanks Chris! He is also a pretty talented comedian and podcaster and I can’t help but listen to him talk. #Bromance.

Maisie Williams I like because she is a fantastic actress and human being. She first came to my attention in Game of Thrones where she brought to life Arya Stark, one of my favourite characters from the novel which the show is based on. In that role she’s been amazing and ruthless, having a cool character evolution from rebellious kid to kickass young adult. She also starred in several episodes of Doctor Who which she also excelled in as the ageless ME. Outside of acting, through culturally accepted means of social media stalking, she also seems pretty cool when it comes to serving the fans and supporting causes she believes in. I also suspect she’s got a very dry sense of humour.

You can find cutouts of Chris Hardwick and Maisie Williams via the relevant links.