The State of Marvel TV as Agent Carter Cancelled

It’s no secret that I am a huge Marvel fan and that I am biased to them in every regard over any other comic book related entertainment company. I simultaneously love their comics, their TV/Streaming shows and their feature film outings yet today the TV realm of the Marvel U has taken a pounding.

Agent Carter, after two seasons of filling the gap between both halves of Agents of Shield, has been cancelled and after Captain America Civil War I don’t think we’ll be seeing Peggy on screen again anytime soon. Despite positive reception and a funny, smart and witty character, Agent Carter never lived up to the hopes of American broadcasting giant ABC. The warning signs came in the from of the leading lady, Hayley Atwell, who was just cast as the lead in Conviction. Had this last part of the story not occurred I could have seen Netflix picking this up as they are currently doing a spectacular job with Daredevil and Jessica Jones, with Luke Cage, Iron Fist and The Defenders all series that are incoming in the next year or so. I cannot see them committing resources to a cancelled show where it’s lead has now got other big commitments however.

On top of this sad news, the Agents of Shield spin off, Marvel’s Most Wanted, has also been passed on by the network for a second time despite producing a pilot. The show would have featured Bobbi Morse (Mockingbird) and Lance Hunter. This is a shame as Bobbi is a very interesting character within the comics and Agents of Shield. Mockingbird has frequently popped up in Marvel’s All New All Different Spider-Man, written by Dan Slott, and her new tech heavy suit and wittiness has really been charming.

DC is fairing better with Supergirl picked up for a second season, albeit the show has now moved to CW. Comedy series Powerless has also been picked up with Playstation Entertainment.

What do you think of these Marvel TV losses? Were you a fan of Agent Carter and sad to see her go or had you noticed a drop off? Tweet thoughts @Celebritycutout.