Penny Dreadful’s Season 3 Finale Was A Series Finale

See John Logan’s Penny Dreadful Farewell Here:

Surprise! You’re shocked too? Good. It isn’t just me then. The showrunners did well, in the age of leaks being posted online by random nobodies running blogs who know a guy that once worked on a thing (wait a minute *looks in mirror*) they did incredibly well to keep this a close guarded secret. The truth is I am rather pleased it has ended now. Showtime President David Nevins was originally opposed to the idea as he wanted to refocus the central characters to tell different stories, because as you might expect (GIANT SPOILER) one of the primary characters died in the last episode which would have shook up the whole cast and plot. Carrying on would have left not only a big void but also a confused message as the leading character is pretty integral to not only the story but to marketing also. Sure the abrupt ending has left plot threads open but the main arch has been wrapped up and I rather like that Show Runner John Logan decided to end it on his own terms, rather than drag it out over years, an idea he wasn’t invested in anyway.

In truth I have not been into this season as much as previous seasons. Vanessa Ives’ (Eva Green) struggle with evil and her walking with eyes closed into danger every episode was not something that could have pulled my interest for much longer but the Chandler (Josh Hartnett) storyline this season was good enough to keep me relatively hooked. Less said about Dorian’s house of murdering female supremacists the better. Are you glad it ended the way it did, does the news that it won’t be renewed for season 4 shock and upset you? Harness your inner darkness and let loose @CelebrityCutout with your thoughts and feelings.