Pearl Mackie, the New Doctor Who Companion


I can take or leave new companions to be honest. They create a good hopping on point for new viewers as naturally it involves the Doctor reintroducing the universe and having to re-explain the big bad races he comes across and how the TARDIS works but to a viewer of some years the repetition could start to wear thin; and who new is coming to Doctor Who at this point? In the new reveal trailer for Pearl Mackie’s oddly named Bill character however, I do get a bit of that feeling as the Doctor explains what a Dalek is but the humour bouncing back from Bill is rather refreshing.

Pearl Mackie is an actress relatively unknown globally but some may have seen her in an episode of Doctors or in Svengali. My personal favourite companion for the Doctor is Amy Pond played by Karen Gillan and Bill seems to be close to her in regards to banter but a little rougher around the edges. Regardless I am looking forward to seeing the dynamic she may have within the series and how her relationship with the Doctor will form and evolve.

Peter Capaldi has now starred as the Doctor since 2013 and after loosing his last companion Clara Oswald, another great character played by Jenna Coleman, and having spent a number of episodes on his own, fans were expectant that the new series would herald in a replacement rather quickly and they were right.

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