Neill Blomkamp to Bring Back Newt


The Director responsible for District 9 has decided that with his next Alien film (a sequel to Aliens) he will right the wrongs of Alien 3 and Alien Resurrection, almost ignoring them completely. His still in development feature has gotten a social media boost recently thanks to the reveal of a design concept of a grown up Rebecca ‘Newt’ Jorden.

The concept was originally created as an internal piece of fan art to please fans who were unhappy with the direction Alien 3 and Resurrection took the franchise as Newt, having survived all the horror of LV-426, died in her cryo-sleep pod on the trip home which seemed like an injustice to the character and the original story. It caught the attention of 20th Century Fox however and now it’s a little bit more official and they could be looking at bypassing the two aforementioned films altogether.

We may have to wait a while for this to come to fruition however. Ridley Scott, the almighty himself when it comes to the Alien franchise, has stated that this film will have to wait until his own prequel to Prometheus, entitled Alien: Covenant, has hit the theatres. Ridley Scott is down as executive producer on Blomkamp’s Alien film.

Sigourney Weaver has been praising the script that Blomkamp has put together and seems to suggest we will be happy if the film is taken up officially by the studio. “It’s an amazing script and Neil and I are excited about doing it,” she told Indiewire at a recent event. Because of the delay put on by having to wait for Ridley Scott’s next release Weaver has assured fans that “it’ll be worth the wait“. With the current timeline the grown up Newt would be approximately 27 years of age and this would be the perfect way to introduce a successor to Ripley into the franchise. My suggestion for the role would be Daisy Ridley. Other than the name being a spooky coincidence I’m really biased towards her being a great heroine and giving her this role might be spoiling her with too many awesome film franchises.

What do you think? Tweet your thoughts @CelebrityCutout. Alien: Covenant is due to hit cinemas August 4th 2017 so expect Neill’s vision to be seen late 2018 at the earliest.