Mads Mikkelsen Reveals Rogue One Character Details



Even through filming wrapped at the end of last year and the feature is well into post production, we are still at a loss as to who really plays who in the next Star Wars instalment, Star Wars: Rogue One. One such actor is Mads Mikkelsen who is best known for starring in the leading role in Hannibal. In a recent interview Mads spoke more about his character and although we still don’t have a name or any concrete specifics, we are still a little closer as to understanding the setup and interpersonal relationships within the story.

Felicity Jones is playing a rebellious female protagonist by the name of Jyn Erso who looks to have caught the eye of the Rebellion due to her antics and is going to be recruited. ‘Felicity is playing this lovely, strong woman and I play her father,’ announced Mads, although he later apologised and stated he’d revealed ‘too much’.

Mr Erso then will almost definitely be one of three things to Jyn. My assumptions are that he is either dead, an empire lackey or estranged. As we know Jyn raised herself from the age of 15. If he was killed by the Empire, even as collateral, that could create a passionate driving force behind Jyn. He could also be a part of the Empire which could explain her rebellious nature towards them, especially if he chose the Empire over his family. Or finally, he could be just estranged. Not much of a father and Jyn is passionate not to end up like him but her criminal activities are spiralling her down the same path, which could motivate her character to do good and prove herself within the Rebellion’s ranks.

It’s all hypothetical of course and any of the three possible scenarios would make a good story, but sadly we’ll have to wait until December 16th to learn more as the Disney camp has gone full radio silence and Mads is being gaffer taped into the back of a van for leaking even this tiny detail. Tweet your thoughts and prayers for Mads @CelebrityCutout. What are some of your theories?