Iron Man Will Be in Spiderman: Homecoming


Earlier in the month Kevin Feige, the big cheese at Marvel studios, hinted that it would be very likely that characters from the Marvel Universe would bleed into the standalone Spiderman film coming in 2017 because of the new deal brokered with Sony. With new actor Tom Holland and Sony’s new Spiderman finally returning home in his Marvel debut in Captain American Civil War next Friday, it stood to reason that the same would happen in reverse as Sony are looking to benefit from the deal by using characters they don’t own. Little did we expect it would be the most popular Marvel cinematic character.

A new deal has been struck with actor Robert Downey Jr that will see him reprise his role as Iron Man in Spiderman: Homecoming, due for release July 28th 2017. This will be the eighth time Downey Jr has been seen on screen as Iron Man and I can safely say I couldn’t be happier with the news. The relationship they are trying to cultivate from Civil War is that Iron Man will be a kind of mentor to Peter Parker, which is pretty ironic when taking recent events in the comic books into perspective as Tony Stark is generally annoyed at Parker for taking over ‘his’ industry.

It’s not all rainbows and butterflies however for the Spiderman reboot. Talks with Michael Keaton have broken down and the actor will no longer be playing the main villain within the film. That puts speculation as to who he was going to play into overdrive with many commentators having expected him to play either Norman Osborn or the Vulture. I am hoping the former will be the antagonist of this film. We have already seen a good Norman Osborn/Green Goblin in the form of Willem Dafoe in the Toby McGuire Spiderman, but he is the quintessential Spiderman villain and one that has a lot of scope and history.

Are you excited by the partnership of Marvel and Sony? Who do you think should play the villain now Keaton is away from the limelight? Sound off in the comments below.