Game of Thrones: Who is the Lord of Light’s Champion?


*Will contain spoilers for Season 6*

Season 6 and the larger Game of Thrones story seems to be, and I may be wrong, setting up one major question. Who will sit the Iron Throne is an obvious one but it’s not the question I’m thinking of, although I do wish to know the answer to this. The more pressing question is who is the champion that was promised by the Lord of the Light; who is Azor Ahai reborn? The reborn warrior is said to be the one to vanquish the darkness of the world (the White Walkers) that are slowly making their way to the land of the living and converting those into zombie like husks that aren’t quick enough to get away. There are two candidates. Jon Snow (Kit Harington), newly reborn by Melisandre the red priestess, or Daenarys (Emilia Clarke), mother of dragons.

Melisandre put all her eggs in Stannis’ basket but it turned out not to be him, and after burning his daughter alive as an offering to the Lord of the Light, who wanted him to be. There are two clear arguments for each of these new fan favourites however. The White Walkers have an Achilles heel for dragon glass and fire, something the mother of dragons has in abundance. Jon Snow however has fought and succeeded against the White Walkers and seems to be being set up for a greater purpose. He was brought back BY the Lord of Light or by the powers he grants his Red Priests. Melisandre has now backed him though, so with her track record I’d put your money on Daenarys.

Both of these Characters are building up there armies as of Episode 4. By killing off all the Dothraki Khals in a brilliant full circle plot point where she once again survived the flames, Daenarys may have just succeeded in ruling over all the Dothraki. With that big an army, Westeros best watch out. Jon Snow and the newly re-united Sansa Stark (Sophie Turner) have decided to retake Winterfell from the Boltons (which will hopefully see the end of Ramsey Bolton). Jon seems to be bolstered by the 2000 Wildlings he let through the gate and also looks to be backed by the Knights of the Vale which should pack out his army, making reclaiming his home relatively easy in theory.

Both have clear leadership qualities, Daenary’s trying to dissolve slavery and ruling a number of cities in Slaver’s Bay for a time and Jon rising up to be Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch. Neither ended too well with the Sons of the Harpy causing problems for Danny and Jon being literally stabbed in the back by his brothers in arms.

With Winterfell’s close proximity to the Wall, my thoughts are that Jon will initially stand against the White Walkers. Danny will return to Westeros and claim maybe not the realm but a portion of it for herself. She then may turn her attention North. I think Jon and Daenarys will end up together, or is that hope? What are you thoughts on this season and who do you think will stand as Azor Ahai against the approaching darkness? Tweet your thoughts and feeling @CelebrityCutout.