Gary Barlow Uses Our Gary Barlow Mask as Cover For Secret Gig

We love finding out where our masks go when they leave us as it is an interesting glimpse of the antics you get up to with them.  If you do have any photos to share please visit our page here and send them in as we do share our favourites on social media and you could be in with a chance of winning free stuff. This story of our facemask’s journey really does take the cake though.

It was your average day in the Cabot Circus shopping centre in Bristol on the 31st of May with no one expecting anything out of the ordinary, especially not a spontaneous Gary Barlow gig. Walking through the centre, good ol’ Gary hid his face under a facemask (ours!) of himself and made his way to an intentionally placed piano. He played a handful of songs before revealing his identity and the crowd erupted. To be honest, it is stated that most of the fans weren’t fooled by the disguise, mainly because who can sing and play like Gary Barlow if not Gary Barlow? As soon as he started playing a huge crowd began to gather around him.

A spokesman for Cabot Circus suggested the stunt was performed as a ‘marketing trial’ for a new BBC show and was intended to be a test piece. That’s exciting! So as far as days out go, our little mask had one of the best. You too can get yours, here.