Who is Your Favourite Celebrity – Christie Kent Edition

As a way to introduce you to the staff of Celebrity Cutouts I thought it a good idea to do several little behind the curtain pieces every now and again. Where better to start for a Celebrity Cutouts blog than by exploring which celebrities we personally hold near and dear? It’s thrown up some surprising (and some not so) answers and hopefully, by the time we have done, you won’t think any less of us. So let’s jump in. First person in the interview chair is Christie Kent. Chances are you will have had some dealings with Christie at some point if you are a customer of ours as she is the manager for Celebrity Cutouts and of our sister company Snapajack. She answers customer queries across our sales channels and you might have just got her on the phone.

Q. So, Christie. Who is your favourite celebrity?

A. Tom Hardy.

Q. Why is that?

A. Besides being the most beautiful man to grace this earth (after Mr Kent of course), I think he’s an absolutely fantastic actor. I first spotted him in the dramatisation of Martina Cole’s “The Take” and was blown away by his performance. I even remember saying way back then that he was one to watch for a future Oscar win. He also comes across as a genuinely nice guy in real life which makes him all the more adorable.

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