Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart and the Jumanji Reboot


Okay so reboots are happening all the time now and we, the movie going public, have had to give up complaining that the movies were much better the first time around and just accept that the reboots are happening with or without us. Reboots are better than remakes though and we have had some pretty good reboots lately in the form of franchise reboot Star Wars the Force Awakens, so maybe I should stop complaining…

The rumoured Jumanji reboot is the topic of discussion today as the bromance of Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart are circling the project like two hungry vultures. Johnson has officially confirmed his involvement within a post on Instagram and whilst Kevin Hart is yet to make any official statement he did repost the image so he probably wouldn’t have done that if the information was incorrect. Johnson and Hart have had a close professional relationship recently in the form of acting together in Central Intelligence and their hosting duet of the MTV Movie Awards. It’s an on screen relationship I am pleased is continuing.

The film was originally hinted at back in 2012, with the script having gone through numerous revisions since and the feature having also picked up a director; Jake Kasdan (New Girl and Bad Teacher). Will the film be the same without a Robin Williams cameo though? To me it was the reason the original was so beloved. The film is set to release in July of 2017. Tweet your thoughts and feelings on this @Celebcutout on twitter.