The Biggest Questions for Game of Thrones Season 8

WRITTEN BY JAMES BOWERS (Contains spoilers for the Game of Thrones Season 7 Finale) It’s over! It’s all over! Now that I’ve had chance to cry into a pillow and lament the fact that it may be TWO YEARS until we see more from Westeros, I’ve been mulling over the finale and what that could mean for the final season … Read More

The Pacing of GOT S7

I LOVE Game of Thrones, it’s one of my all time favourite things. So much so I’ve read all the books (the ones that are out so far), even the semi-illustrated prequel with Dunk. It’s a beautifully crafted and in-depth world and even though the onscreen representation has deviated here and there from the source material (I’m generally a stickler for … Read More

Cutout Me Kitty Competition (Win £300 Worth of Vouchers)

You might have seen our social media leaning towards an adorable little kitten recently. You may have wondered “well what’s this all about then?” Am I right? Well, I am happy to enlighten you. People go on holiday in August and September. It’s a fact of life. The school holidays are in full swing and we all jet off for … Read More

A Thwipping Good Reboot

Spiderman has always been my favourite super hero ever since I started collecting comic books as a kid. It’s ironic really as I can’t really stomach spiders although in a house full of wimps it does fall to me to relocate wayward travellers of the eight legged variety. I don’t know what it is about the hero as it’s definitely … Read More

The Many Victims of Ticket Touts

How do they sleep at night? It’s an honest question and the honest answer is probably on a pillow stuffed with money. Despite the evident loathing of ticket touts they have no shortage of customers, avid fans of this band or that who really do pay £400 and up to ensure they get to see their favourite artists. I don’t … Read More

Star Wars: The Last Jedi (Speculation)

It has been a very long time since I was able to tear myself away and write one of these articles so thank you for bearing with us over the busy winter months. I thought the latest Star Wars related reveal by Disney and director Rian Johnson enabled a perfect return for these weekly articles. We are here to talk … Read More

Suicide Squad Review

*Will most definitely spoil points of the film* I will start by admitting I am a Marvel man. Always have been and always will be. This isn’t just where the films are concerned, I’m an avid collector of comic books too. Sure I take a sprinkle of what  DC has to offer, in the form of Jason Todd’s Red Hood and Nightwing … Read More

Stranger Things Review

*This article contains spoilers for Season 1 of Stranger Things, available on Netflix* I’ll come out and admit it straight away. I’m not a kid of the 1980s. I wasn’t actually born until the year Jurassic Park hit theatre screens around the world. Yes, the first one (please don’t stop reading). I have however consumed a fair amount of filmography … Read More

Who is Your Favourite Celebrity – James Bowers Edition

For our second behind the scenes instalment where we look into who each of our favourite celebrities are, I thought I would lead by example. There will be a handful more of these little exposés of the Celebrity Cutouts team as I want to hopefully make this a semi-regular thing. So, let’s get started! Q. So, James, who is your favourite … Read More

Riri Williams as Iron (Wo)Man and the MCU

The comic world is having a little bit of a modern day renaissance at the moment with Marvel’s All New All Different and Civil War II initiatives upending the world they have laid out and establishing new common grounds going forward, DC are also undergoing a literal Rebirth and have branded it as such. The latest news that Tony Stark … Read More

Who is Your Favourite Celebrity – Christie Kent Edition

As a way to introduce you to the staff of Celebrity Cutouts I thought it a good idea to do several little behind the curtain pieces every now and again. Where better to start for a Celebrity Cutouts blog than by exploring which celebrities we personally hold near and dear? It’s thrown up some surprising (and some not so) answers and … Read More

Game of Thrones SE06EP10 Winds of Winter (Retrospective)

*WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS FOR EPISODE AND SEASON* Well. That was a pretty explosive ending to a pretty explosive season. The wage bill for Season 7 is going to be way lighter so expect a lot more of Ghost now they’ve freed the budget up for him. In a display of rumours and fan theories coming to fruition and Cersei showing how … Read More

Gary Barlow Uses Our Gary Barlow Mask as Cover For Secret Gig

We love finding out where our masks go when they leave us as it is an interesting glimpse of the antics you get up to with them.  If you do have any photos to share please visit our page here and send them in as we do share our favourites on social media and you could be in with a chance of … Read More

Ready Player One Will Feature Little of Spielberg’s Films

Ready Player One is one of my favourite books of all time. It follows a nerdy kid in a world that has really gone down the toilet. Housing is hard to come by, amenities are scarce and fossil fuel has pretty much all been used up. It’s a bleak world, made brighter by the fact everyone escapes into a virtual … Read More

Game of Thrones SE6EP9 Battle of the Bastards (Retrospective)

*Will spoil Season 6 Episode 9* Oh Game of Thrones. Once more you have us baying for blood and once more you did not in the least bit disappoint. Not only was Episode 9 one of the best episodes from this season, it was one of the best episodes of all time, due in no small part to the payoffs within … Read More

Game of Thrones To Get It’s Own Convention

That’s right! Pull on your chainmail, wrap up in your wolf pelt and arm yourselves with your painted cardboard longswords as Game of Thrones is getting it’s own convention! No, the header image from this post isn’t an artist’s impression of the foot traffic to expect at the Con but we wouldn’t be surprised. I myself would climb over some … Read More

Penny Dreadful’s Season 3 Finale Was A Series Finale

See John Logan’s Penny Dreadful Farewell Here: Surprise! You’re shocked too? Good. It isn’t just me then. The showrunners did well, in the age of leaks being posted online by random nobodies running blogs who know a guy that once worked on a thing (wait a minute *looks in mirror*) they did incredibly well to keep this a close … Read More

The Queen’s Favourite Music

It has been revealed in a Documentary conducted by the BBC that Her Majesty is rather fond of musicals and music in general. Some of the composed list you’d expect but others possibly not. Don’t get me wrong, she’s not getting down to Korn or Green Day but her favourite pieces of music are still pretty interesting none-the-less. I simply … Read More

Game of Thrones SE06EP07 The Broken Man (Retrospective)

In an episode that didn’t see much action but plenty of set-up, Episode 7 has certainly made me pumped for the next instalment as it looks to be all out war once again both at Winterfell and at Riverrun. If I were the commonfolk, I’d give both a widebirth. That’s what 6 seasons of conflict have taught me about these … Read More

Game of Thrones SE06EP05 Blood of My Blood (Retrospective)

This episode felt like an apology for the big shock of last week. Not only did two primary characters realise how bad ass they are, but we also had a HUGE question answered both from the books and the TV show. So was it good? You bet your prized dragon egg it was! I want to get it out of … Read More