Worlds Largest Collection of Celebrity Cutouts


Celebrity Cutouts

Ever wanted to be up close and personal to your favorite celebrity? Well, now you can! With our high quality (some may say realistic) life-sized or miniature cutout,meeting your role model has never been easier or more convenient. Made of heavy duty cardboard with a masterfully applied high-quality image.
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Celebrity Masks

We can ‘t guarantee that wearing one of our Cardboard Cutout Celebrity Mask will increase your appeal, but we can be certain that you will attract huge amounts of attention! All our masks are printed in the UK using nothing but the best materials. That’s why they look so REAL. Our masks are printed full size and comes fully assembled with strap ready to use.
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Celebrity Big Heads

Like the look of our masks but want to make more of a statement? Maybe you want to stand out from the crowd that little bit more? We now offer comically sized Big Heads to really make an impact, no matter where you are! Roughly two feet in size and made from heavy duty corrugated gloss cardboard,
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Celebrity Bundles

With our new Celebrity Bundles, you can get icons from a whole decade or the cast from your most binged TV show, all in one place. Whether you are set dressing a party to a theme or whether you really do just want all your favourite actors from your most watched film, our Celebrity Bundles are a quick and easy solution.
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Personalised Cutouts

At, we can turn photos of you, your family, your friends or your pets into free standing cardboard cutouts or facemasks. Immortalise any moment or person with the highest quality materials for any occasion. Want to really embarrass the groom as the best man? A standee of him in that mankini should do it! Want to make it a hen night to remember and really surprise the girl of the hour? A whole mini-bus of you turning up with her face on a mask should do the trick. Had a friend drop out on a stag do but still want to have him be a part in all the shenanigans? Drag along a cutout of ‘Kevin’ and the opportunities for a memorable night and a good photo will be endless. Cardboard Cutout ‘Kevin’ has zero inhibitions and won’t turn down anything thrown his way. Just be sure to invite actual Kevin out again in the future or else he might just find his cardboard clone has a better social life than he does. From Stag and Hen nights; to weddings; birthdays and anniversaries, our personalised cutouts bring a quirky edge to any event or occasion. With a million and one applications and endless comic possibility, it really is worth a look!